Writing assignment

The reason why I love his music is the simplicity of the texts.
You can relate to the lyrics and the meaning because it isn't complicated. It i
s just straight forward with nothing to hide.
He writes about love in all forms and with so different feelings. It can leave me sad, with tears all over or dreaming about something good to come.


I don't know who I am, but I know that I'm yours”

“ You need to die a few times before you can live”

“ You put your hand on my shoulder and told me that life was something simple, but I couldn't agree”

Life changes where ever I go, and maybe it won't always be us two" 

Most of the lyrics that I really like is just parts where the “truth” is told. That life isn't simple or that you get lost in love and really don't know anything other.
Words like that just goes straight in to my heart and at some point it maybe hurts a bit, but although you know your not alone with that feeling.
Every other person that can relate to the music feels just the same was as you do.

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